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MHC Intern Supervision

Welcome new Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns!  This is an exciting time and I am excited to be able to work with you in beginning your journey as a counselor.  I remember when I first started as an intern... it was exciting and scary all at the same time. I am here to walk you through the paperwork, hours, CE information and everything you need to make your internship a success.  Additionally, if you are thinking about starting your own practice, I can help you on that journey as well.  


What I provide for my supervisees:

     1.  Access to all of the necessary forms;

     2.  Case consultation;

     3.  Training regarding paperwork and progress notes, difficult clients, terminations, evaluations, etc.;

     4.  Training and or advice in the business & marketing aspects of starting and operating a private practice; and

     5.  Support throughout the intern process to licensure, including information pertaining to continuing                                 education courses (CEs) that will need to be accomplished for licensure and guidance in preparation for the               NCMHCE examination; 

What I ask you to provide:

     1.  A knowledge of and respect for the ethical guidelines provided by the American Counseling Association;

     2.  A copy of your registered intern license;

     3.  A copy of your malpractice insurance; and

     4.  A commitment to supervision, as evidenced by strict attendance to supervision sessions.

Supervision is held weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on client hours). The fees are: 


     Individual Supervision (1-2 Interns): $60* per hour

     Group Supervision (3-6 interns): $30** per hour (per intern) 

* Two interns may split the hour and fee and the session is still considered an individual session. You are                      responsible for providing a second intern if you wish to take advantage of this benefit.

** Reminder that 50% of your supervision can be fulfilled with group supervision. You are also able to have more           than one supervisor.  

So... are you ready to get started!!  Email me to schedule a meeting at  


Please be advised that there will not be a charge for our first meeting.  

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