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Couples Counseling


Stories… they do come into play in our relationships as well.  I enjoy working with couples in order to help them learn the true meaning behind each other’s feelings.  This type of deep communication helps to build intimacy, trust and friendship in your relationships.  Each person can start to learn more about each other and better understand each other's triggers in the relationship. 


Couple sessions are with two individuals who are in a committed relationship and work together with the therapist to address issues that may be affecting the relationship.  However, you may be a couple that is doing well, but just want a "tune up." These sessions can be tailored to help the couple stay on track.  Look at it as a tune up for your vehicle, a way to keep the relationship running smoothly.  Couples sessions are 60 minutes in length.


Areas addressed during couples counseling include:


Communication break downs 

Time management

Family or In-Law issues


Feeling neglected

Trust issues




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